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Out-of-the-box vocal training!

Voice Box

Lerina has been entertaining audiences from a young age and has vast experience as a vocal coach. She has been practising as a Voice Movement Therapy practitioner and vocal instructor for over ten years.

Voice Box offers a warm, exciting, and safe space for you to learn how to sing like a pro. 

If you’re learning to sing, Voice Box will help you to:

  • Address emotional & psychological issues around your vocal expression
  • Discover authenticity, diversity, and power in your acoustic & metaphorical voices
  • Express yourself artistically and in your interpersonal relationships
  • Reconnect with your body

About us

Singing lessons and Voice Movement Therapy

Lerina Van Rensburg

Because we think & sing out of the box
Because we unpack our abilities & opportunities
Because we express our emotions & experiences
Because we release the blockages in our bodies
Because we experience breath in a new way

“For me, Voice Movement Therapy opened up a whole new world. I realised I don’t need to have the perfect voice. I am free to express myself with my own voice when I’m singing and even in life in general! I now feel free to explore, experience and express myself. As a result, my voice has evolved, my vocal range is broader, my confidence is greater, and I feel more positive. This is what I want to share with my clients!”

Lerina offers private singing lessons and online singing lessons. She also facilitates vocal classes and interactive corporate workshops. 

Lerina’s goals set her aside from other singing teachers and vocal instructors. Her solid grounding in Voice Movement Therapy means that she employs a unique psychotherapeutic framework to her singing lessons for adults. 

This approach works with your personal story and identity through movement, breath, voice, and self-image. It transcends cultural and language limitations. The approach perfectly aligns with Lerina’s passion: to use sound and voice to facilitate healing and self-development.

For a voice teacher who goes above and beyond, Lerina is your go-to!

Lerina’s Qualifications
  • Licentiate (SDCSA)
  • BA Degree (UP)
  • Postgraduate Education Certificate (UNISA)
  • Teachers Licentiate Level 6
  • Vocal & Theory Grade 8
  • Music Theory Grade 6
  • Folk Singing & Vocals Performance Certificates
  • Digital Music Production
  • Management & Marketing for the
  • Music Industry
  • Voice Movement Therapy
  • Practitioner


Our Services

What We Offer

Corporate Singing Workshops

Your voice and how you use it has a great impact on your internal and external corporate relationships. It affects how people perceive you and your company. Ultimately, your voice is key to your vocational success and has a crucial role to play in company culture.

Vocal Training for the Arts

The performance arts are not straightforward or simple. You, as the performer and artist, need to draw on much more than technical skill to connect with and move your audience. Our vocal lessons support and help you to achieve your performance goals.

Singing Benefits & Well-Being

The body, its gestures, and movement qualities as well as voice clarity, pitch, resonance, and volume are integral to how we experience ourselves. When we open up to include the body and voice as truthful expressions of the whole self, we also find new ways to include the metaphorical voice (your inner voice) and the embodied expressive voice in a holistic way.
Benefits of singing for health

Well-being is a lived experience; it is something we can actively cultivate for ourselves. Deepening our self-awareness, emotional sensitivity and the active integration of the body-mind are at the very centre of our well-being.

The maxim “Know Thyself” urges us to actively explore our motives and emotions. Voice Movement Therapy provides an opportunity to creatively engage with those potent images, bodily impulses, and personal narratives. It allows the wisdom of the body and psyche to surface and to be formed by vocal sound, lyrics, and expressive movements.

Why singing is important: Voice Movement Therapy
To thrive, you need to face the parts of yourself that are unfamiliar, unexpressed or have been silenced. Equally important is developing an ability to listen to yourself. Shed light on every aspect of your experience including the shadows.
Voice Movement Therapy gives you a safe space to explore the underworld as well as a clear pathway back. Emotional understanding and integration are required to reach what Marita Günther calls the “dared expression” and a Self, free of judgment. By facing our Self, deep care and self-compassion can be nurtured, which leads to sustainable well-being.
Singing health benefits

There are so many health benefits of singing. Singing releases endorphins while also allowing you to tap into the emotional and spiritual sides of yourself. 

There is increasing global awareness of the importance of embodiment in well-being and in healing. A renewed focus on a deeper and more active awareness and connection to the body. An acknowledgement of the wisdom available to us through this essential connection. 

Why is singing important? It provides a profound way to connect with your body. Through envoicement, vocal sound, and resonance, we can bring about awareness, express physical and emotional feelings, and initiate change.

Nature and singing for health
The power of nature to heal and revitalise us is probably one of our greatest untapped resources. Participating in Voice Movement Therapy sessions and groups in nature helps people to relax, connect with their bodies, and find their centres. Working with the embodied voice in nature allows us to join with her and converse about the things that are beyond words.
Imagine the embrace of the African mountains cradling you as your group sings a lullaby. An immensely powerful experience of energy exchange.
We can open the way to honour the deep-souled intelligence of the universe and reveal how to:
Respond with gratitude and humility
Recognise that we are part of the mysterious world and not its directors
Through this embodied and envoiced connection, we can become intimate co-creators, accepting our place in the unfolding of new realities.
Voice Movement Therapy encourages a reconnection with all that is wild and primal within. It also aids in the search for inner harmony and “Oneness”.
We encourage holistic healers and yoga instructors to attend our well-being workshop to broaden their ideals around healing and breath.

How We can help you

Voice Box is vocal training with a difference. We use Voice Movement Therapy techniques to help you to explore your voice and become the best you can be! Our vocal lessons give you the freedom to express yourself and discover the endless possibilities your voice has to offer.

Voice Box singing lessons show you how to experience your voice in full. Your confidence will not only grow in singing but also in all areas of your life. You will find a new understanding of the world around you. You’ll experience your voice by ear and with your whole body. Mindfulness will be achieved and you’ll learn to be exactly where you are and not in yesterday or tomorrow. At Voice Box, there is no wrong sound, only your unique experience & expression! We cater for:


Corporates looking for a different, interactive team-building experience


Singers looking to improve themselves


Vocalists and performers searching for something different


Holistic healers and yoga instructors looking to broaden their horizons

Vocalists and the “block”

Singers and performers sometimes encounter a block. Blocks can be brought on by the fear of sounding bad. The Voice Movement Therapy approach to voicework is non-judgmental; there are no ‘bad’ sounds and no ‘bad’ voices. From this standpoint, VMT works to nurture a flexible and unrestricted voice through awareness-based exercises. You’re encouraged to explore the boundless possibilities of the sounds within your voice without the hindrance of needing to be perfect. Our VMT techniques enhance your vocal fitness and flexibility as well as the body as a whole as your performance instrument. Voice Movement Therapy changes voices. We use song and singing lessons to achieve vocal liberation and the release of the “block”.

Does singing help your lungs?
Yes, singing helps your lungs. Singing allows you to work on your breathing. Voice Box uses Voice Movement Therapy to help you to unpack your breath, which increases your lung capacity while also stimulating the muscles surrounding your ribcage.
Is singing good for your heart?
Yes, singing helps your heart physically and emotionally. Just one more reason why singing is good for you. Singing encourages slower and deeper respiration, which improves your heart rate variability. 

Singing helps us emotionally by increasing self-awareness and allowing us to express physical and emotional feelings.

We can give you singing tips so you can:
  • Use your voice in your profession
  • Increase your durability, expression, flexibility & range
  • Unlearn bad habits & decrease straining
  • Promote intercultural communication through the universal language of music
  • Improve your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
Learn how to sing with Voice Movement Therapy and:
  • Deepen the connection with your inner child and tap into constructive vulnerability
  • Release your creative self
    Strengthen self-esteem & self-worth
  • Develop sound resonance that creates new neural pathways, moving you away from old destructive patterns
  • Learn to sing in a way that integrates mind, body & soul for effective healing
Transform vocal fear and uncertainty into true expression and serenity
  • Access thoughts & feelings that are hard to put into words
  • Feel, heal, and deal with hidden feelings & traumas
  • Voice the unspeakable
  • Face and let go of your inner critic
  • Step out of oppressive silence & reclaim your voice
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