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Singing Workshops

Your voice and how you use it has a great impact on your internal and external corporate relationships. It affects how people perceive you and your company. Ultimately, your voice is key to your vocational success and has a crucial role to play in company culture.

Voice Movement Therapy offers a unique approach to soft skills development and embodied communication. It helps you to balance the lived experience of the work environment with your own sense of self and life goals. At Voice Box, we offer private sessions for individuals who desire support in developing their careers and business relationships. We also assist companies who have individuals, teams, or groups who require help with:

  • Change
  • Communication skills
  • Confidence-building
  • Conflict resolution
  • Creative problem solving
  • Motivation
  • Voice coaching

Companies are made up of individuals, each with their own narrative and history. This is why much of what we offer in terms of Singing Benefits & Well-being is relevant to the career development context. Our approach helps professionals to make connections between their own internal experiences and the outside world of relationships, teams, and organisations.

Corporate team building singing workshops

In a group workshop, an individual will feel more comfortable exploring because the focus is not only on him or her. Our team building singing activities not only help co-workers to relate to one another, but also assist them to work in harmony.
Our workshop takes the form of a Voice Movement Therapy skills development programme. The programme is divided into 3 levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. These can be completed in a one-day 6-hour workshop and can take place as a once-off, bi-monthly, or weekly programme depending on your workforce’s size and needs.
As part of our music team building, your groups will participate in these levels and engage with these ideas


1. To feel free to express yourself
2. To identify the metaphorical & authentic voice
3. To find a tool where you can practice your relaxation response


1. How to use your voice to express yourself better
2. To explore the metaphorical & authentic voice
3. To learn how to listen to your body


1. To express yourself with your metaphorical voice and your authentic voice
2. To find tools where you can give your body what it needs
3. To express yourself not only with words but also in an artistic way

Additional information

We need a room big enough for everyone to move freely during our corporate and group singing workshops. We will be making different sounds so it shouldn’t be close to offices where other people will be disturbed by the sounds we make. Voice Box has a beautiful plot that provides the perfect natural space for our workshops. Or, if your company has space available, we will travel to you.

Vocal Training

Our Voice Movement Therapy singing lessons provide a specific approach to breathing and a particular way of understanding and developing your voice. You’ll discover a unique framework for grounding your voice within your body while tending to your internal emotional landscape.
VMT incorporates a multilayered appreciation of the voice, body and psyche in the moment of performance. You’ll engage in a more creative and light-hearted approach to vocal development where your voice can be freed joyfully.

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