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Voice Movement Therapy Training

VMT training in South Africa starting March 2024

The VMT Training is an intense and demanding program which combines creative and therapeutic work through individual on-the-floor exploration and instruction within an evolving group context. It consists of an experiential on-site program, followed by a supervisory period of working with both individuals and groups for those who wish to qualify for professional registration with the IAVMT.

The Training Includes:

  • A thorough grounding in the core principles of VMT;
  • An introduction to the relation of vocal development to developmental movement, the acquisition of speech, and the formation of a sense of self;
  • A basic grounding in VMT creative process work and song-making;
  • An introduction to VMT therapeutic process;
  • Observation, assessment and application of non-verbal behavior and expression in forming relationships;
  • Exploration of individual issues and themes in movement, song, imagery and enactment;
  • An active involvement in creative group process.


For more information and where you can apply for the training and the scholarships, www.vmtusa.com

Training details

(Training consists of two parts)

Part 1: The Experential Program

Four 3-week on-site units Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm. These units take place in a residential setting separated by 3 non-residential interim practice and research periods. They are interdependent and must be taken in sequence with the same group.

Module 1:

(4 March – 22 March, 2024)

Beginning the Song and Dance: The Core Principles of VMT

Module 2:

(6 May – 24 May, 2024)

The Singing Self: VMT Creative Process Work and Song-Making

Module 3:

(24 June – 12 July, 2024)

The Voice Unchained: VMT Creative and Therapeutic Process

Module 4:

(23 Sept – 11 Oct, 2024)

The Language of the Soul in Song and Movement; Taking the Work with You.

Part 2: The Qualifying Period

A non-residential period of 18 months, commencing after the completion of the Experiential Program. 


Tuition (Year one)

Residential Experiential Program

$5 400 USD (R100 000)

Accommodation (Year one)

Residential Experiential Program

$1 700 USD (R30 400)

Qualifying Program (Year 2)

Non-Residential Experiential Program

$1 100 USD (R20 000)

The first payment of 50%, i.e. $2,700 is due by the 30th September, 2023.
The second payment is due by the 28th February, 2024.

PLEASE NOTE: There are scholarships available!

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